Aug 252009

The Dolphin
5 Market Street

Tel: 01803 833835

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  1. THE DOLPHIN Inn is quickly emerging as the place to be !. Situated on Market Street, Dartmouth, the new Dolphin has an increased light, airy and welcoming interior, following a detailed and carefully planned renovation.
    Open from 11am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday, the business remains family-run with The warmest of welcomes for locals and tourists alike.
    Brother-in-laws John Jones and Glenn Powell have taken great lengths to ensure that the Inn has retained the classic features of a seaside pub, but one that is laid back and chilled in the services it offer to fit a wide-range of tastes. Sections of plush leather seating add a new sophisticated look to parts of this treasured and lovingly restored pub. With Manager John Pope – aka Geoffrey Boycott – using his great persuasive skills local boatbuilders and salvage masters have donated time and pieces in an attempt to bring some real local history to the pub – big thanks to all .
    As part of their ongoing push for higher standards, the pub owners have brought in a range of drinks, coinciding with the launch of a their very own brewed beer called Whaler Ale, brewed at their brewery – Bridgetown Brewery – situated on the river in the sister pub the Albert inn in Totnes.
    -Be amongst the first to try the new brew, which is launched this week (Friday July 23), and is available on tap at the bar.
    The Dolphin also has an alternative range of well-sought out beverages with dry sparkling wines like Prosecco, local ales and party drinks including Agwa liquer and Sang Som, available in buckets. The owners also pride themselves on being the only pub in town to stock the elegant Laurent Perrier champagne to make those memorable occasions extra special.
    But the pub has also expanded in terms of it’s culinary cuisine on offer, serving classic, locally-sourced and freshly prepared dishes that are also price-conscious. Fresh shellfish and hand-picked crab are just two of the new range of fish dishes on offer. The Dolphin have their own take on the pub basket meals of the 70’s, offering Peri Peri chicken, the Dolphin Beach Burger, Half Pound of Sausages and scampi as well as a new children’s menu, little crabbers, where the children receive a free crabbing line included with their meal for £5.95.
    The pub has incorporated a range of special meal deals with the return of rib-eye steak nights on Mondays, curry nights on Tuesdays and pie and pint night on Thursdays. Other special offers will follow with tear-off vouchers available in the Dartmouth Chronicle Newspaper.
    Ever popular Pub quiz nights have made their welcomed return to the pub with a quiz master and a pop-up pirate prize draw, which will continue through autumn and winter months every Sunday.
    Look out also for the return of the copper bar !!! and a full makeover for the first floor
    To incorporate functions, private parties , to include a christmas menu and at last the return of Sunday lunches starting from September.
    Available to view on Facebook, Twitter and with a website,, the pub looks to set the standards for others to follow. For more information, go to or call 01803 833698.